10 Travel Must-Haves


Packing can be exciting yet stressful. Dozens of questions can be running through your head, like what to wear, did you remember to pack your makeup and do you have enough sunblock? Style Bar is here to help you stress less about your vacation with our 10 Travel Must-Haves, Clothes, Makeup and Hair:

  1. Black Pants. Packing a pair of black pants give you versatility when choosing what to where on your trip. Pair them with causal and dressy tops for multiple uses.

  2. Jean Jacket. This is a great option to have for a windy day or a chilly night.

  3. Hat. Sunhats, fedoras or even baseball caps are perfect for sunny vacation weather to protect your skin and hair.

  4. Scarf. Scarfs can be used to pull your hair back or even as bathing suit’s cover up. Choosing a scarf with simple patterns or a signal color leads to more potential matchups.

  5. Jewelry. A pair of earrings or a necklace can make or break an outfit. Make sure to pack your jewelry carefully because it can be heavy and delicate.

  6. Sunblock. Even if it’s cloudy, sunblock is a necessity to keep skin healthy and you happy. Sunburn can ruin an entire vacation and no one wants that.

  7. Powder, mascara, blush, lipstick. Take a break from excessive amounts of makeup. Get back to the bare essentials to give your skin a vacation, too.

  8. A Good Conditioner. Treat your hair with conditioner while on vacation to keep it nourished; being in the sun can cause hair damage if not treated properly.

  9. Hairbands and bobby pins. Though simple, hairbands and bobby pins can help you create different looks each day without effort.

  10. Emergency Kit. These are some things every woman should make room for somewhere in their luggage. A sewing kit and a Tide-to-Go stick can come to your rescue at a moments notice if need be.

This is an easy checklist will help you narrow down what you take on vacation. Though there are several helpful packing lists on the Internet, they miss these things women are actually packing. For more packing ideas follow our Pinterest Board.

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