2014 Hair Trends for Men

Even though they don’t admit it, men are just as obsessed with how their hair looks as women are. Men like to stay up-to-date on the latest trends too, why do you think JT switched from a buzz cut to a Messy Slick look? With Father’s Day right around the corner we think it’s a great time to recognize 2014 hair trends for men! Here are our favorites inspired by Ask Men:


The Messy Slick: You can either go classic and keep it controlled by using gel and a comb or rock the trendy more untamed look with a small amount of layers and only use your hands and gel to structure the style.


The Moderate Quiff: The quiff is a modernized 50s pompadour with the front locks longer than the rest of your hair. After a proper haircut, men just need to use a blow dryer and a little gel to maximize volume. Yes volume! If you want to rock this look like Bruno Mars, you MUST use products and a hair dryer!


The Crown: Whether you decided for a more classic or stylish look, a crown cut focuses on volume at the top of the head and a flatter cut on the sides. Drake’s classic crown cut is a signature.


The Straight Up: This style is a mix of a 50s and 90s do. Men can either keep hair longer in the front and the back with the sides being short. To add a 90s touch; add a small “peak like” flair Like Robin Thicke.


The Retro Wave: An 80s hairstyle brought back to life again. Gran a hair dryer to achieve this look the right way. Use sculpting mousse in damp hair, make your part and create a “windswept” appearance. Set with hairspray.

For more men’s hairstyle visit our 2014 Hair Trends for Men Pinterest Board. Need help with a style; contact us to set up an appointment. Don’t forget to ask about the Father’s Day special!

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