6 Most Common Mistakes in Your Hair Routine

It’s easy to make mistakes in your hair care routine – but do you know how easy it is to cause major hair damage? You’d be surprised how some quickly simple changes can make it easier to take better care of your hair. Here are the 6 most common mistakes in your hair routine.

  1. The Hair Dryer. There are a few mistakes we tend to make when it comes to blow-drying. First, is not using a nozzle or diffuser, causing hair to burn quickly. We suggest using Elchim 3800 Blow Dryers, which is what our stylists use. Another mistake when it comes to blow-drying is not blow-drying completely. Make sure your hair is completely dry, otherwise, it will frizz.

  2. Hair Prep. Applying the wrong products to your hair when using hot tools is a common mistake. Many women spray hair spray before putting a curling iron or straightener on it. This dries hair out and causes curls to drop. Wella-Brillance, is for fine to normal colored hair and is a good way to ensure less damage and a lasting style.

  3. Ponytails and Braid. No one should wear an up-do 24/7; it strains hair at the roots. It’s great to have variety but make sure you are giving your roots a break between styles. Braiding your hair while it is wet can also cause breakage if pulled too tightly.

  4. Relying on Highlights. Highlights should never be used to cover up grays or change your hair color. Highlights should be used to create depth and bring attention to your natural hair color. Over coloring your hair can cause it to be dry and break easily. Consult your Style Bar professional before making a color decision.

  5. Where you sleep. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase causes roughness and frizz. Satin or silk pillowcases are kinder on hair.

  6. Styling tools and products. Products make all the difference in your style and can be a very easy fix in your routine. We use Oribe products in our salon. Be careful not to over use styling products, they can weigh down hair and cause greasiness. Remember to choose products that keep hair healthy and moisturized.

For product and tool suggestions, visit our Pinterest board for details.

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