Choosing the Perfect Hairbrush

Walking into your local beauty store for a new hairbrush can be overwhelming. Round, square, oval, with so many shapes and sizes, how to know which brush is best for your hair? Fear no more, the experts at The Style Bar are here to demystify the process of choosing which brush is perfect for you and your hair.
Let’s break it down:

Paddle Brushes


If you have medium to very long hair, this is a great choice for everyday use. The large paddle allows you to handle a lot of hair at once, so blow drying those long strands is a breeze. The bristles are soft but durable, so they comfortably detangle and hold up over time.

Vented Brushes


For shorter, finer hair (especially for the men out there) the vented brush is for you. This brush speeds up drying time by allowing the air to flow fully through while adding volume. Unlike a round brush, this enhances your natural texture to give you a less polished look for those more casual days. Don’t be afraid to get right into your roots with this brush to lift and dry for a easy morning on the go.

Cushion Brush


Very similar, but not to be confused with, the paddle brush. This brush is usually oval shaped and great for comfort when you really need to detangle from the root. By gently massaging the scalp, this brush distributes the natural oils from the follicle and keeps hair health at a maximum. Another great everyday brush for medium to long hair.

Round Brush


Round brushes often range in so many different sizes which can add to the overwhelming feeling, but just remember – the shorter the hair, the smaller the brush. Smaller barrels allow you to have full control with the blow dryer close to the root which is crucial with short hair. Longer styles have the freedom to be natural at the root with the emphasis on styling the ends. Try out different sizes and find which is best for your length and style.
Still can’t choose which brush is right for you? Feel like you’re stuck in the middle of two? Stop in for a blowout, and see which brush our experts will choose for you to perfect the look you are going for. Make your appointment today! (203) 914-1180

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