Color Trend: Rose Gold

It’s no argument that rose gold is an absolutely beautiful color. The timelessness of gold with hints of blushed pink upgrade this classic color into a shade that represents luxury and style. Countless pieces of jewelry and watches adapted the hue, and even Apple jumped on board with the color of their new iPhone. But, we never expected rose gold would look just as amazing as a hair color! Whether in ombre style, dynamic highlights, or just a full rose gold take over, we are loving this growing hair trend for anyone looking to bend the rules of having a “natural” hair color.
Our favorite styles:



Ever since Taylor Swift starting rocking her ashy shade of blonde, we all realized we don’t necessarily need shiny, satin-like color to look amazing. For those looking to brighten up their look in a gorgeously dull way, the ashy rose gold is for you!

Rose Gold Undertones


We get it, it can be terrifying to part from your natural hair color, but that is no excuse to avoid getting creative with your hair! These lower rose gold undertones brighten up dark hair and serve as the perfect way to try something new without changing the majority of your hair color.

Full Coverage


For the bold! We love a complete Rose Gold takeover for those brave enough to try the new trend.

Rose Gold Ombre


We’re very used to seeing natural dark hair at the top of an ombre cascading into a light blonde shade, but this style is a tad different. This ombre slowly transitions a dark rose gold from the roots into a natural blonde at the ends for a gorgeous spin on a classic ombre look.

Hint of Rose


This shade of rose gold is just a hint different than regular blonde yet completely adds a warm, soft touch. Think of it as just sweeping blush on your blonde locks for a brighter yet subtle change, perfect for fall.
You may buy rose gold jewelry or the new iPhone, but will you let your hair take on the gorgeous trend? Schedule your appointment today! (203) 914-1180. Don’t see your perfect shade of rose gold here? Check our Pinterest Board for more inspiration!

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