DIY: Dry Shampoo

As much as we all wish we had the time to get a fabulous blow out every single day, some days the usual morning routine needs to be cut short. Since washing your hair requires lots of time drying and styling, (plus you want to hold onto that awesome blow out for one more day), dry shampoo is without a doubt the best way to have you out the door in minutes looking well polished for your day ahead.

What is dry shampoo?

It is exactly what it sounds like, a dry substance that cleans your hair without the use of water. Dry shampoo works by absorbing oil from your scalp and hair, and making it look and feel freshly washed again. It almost sounds too good to be true!



Since creating this product is an easy DIY, it’s worth a shot using ingredients you probably already have before splurging on expensive products to achieve a clean, oil free style.

For Blondes: Pour ½ cup of oatmeal into a blender and pulse a few times to get a powder consistency (don’t get caught with oatmeal chunks in your hair!). In a small mixing bowl, stir the oatmeal and 1 tbsp of cornstarch together and transfer into any container of your choice. Then with a small brush, dust the dry shampoo into your roots, blend with your fingers, and comb through.

For Brunettes: skip the oatmeal and sub with ½ cup of cocoa powder. The brown hue will blend better and has a nice refreshing scent. Apply with directions above.

So the next time you snooze your alarm a few too many times and have to cut your beauty regimen short, reach for your homemade dry shampoo for a quick solution. We will see you first thing tomorrow for your next blowout!

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Thank you to Coupon Closet for the inspiration.

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