Fall Trend Watch: Fashion Week to Street Style

Fashion week isn’t just the biggest event of the season for fashion, it is huge for hair and makeup as well. There’s always a few wildcard looks, but the looks that people love, catch on and turn into the hottest looks of the season for us non-runway models.
Though fashion week is happening now for Spring and Summer 2016, the trends from Fall fashion week are trickling into everyday styles as we gear up for Autumn 2015.

Low Profile Ponies

On the runway this season, designers were all about styling their models with low, messy ponytails. Whether they were simple and loose, textured with a ponytail flip or french braid, these ponies were on every runway, which means they will be popping up everywhere this fall.


Deep Side Parts

We know, this isn’t a new trend. But over the past few years, this trend has faded in and out of style, but this fall, it’s back and bigger than ever. If you didn’t think the side part could get deeper, think again!


The New Twist

Designers were bringing it back a few decades with this classic style. The new french twist seen on the runway is the perfect blend of traditional and modernism, so it passes as a new trend in 2015. Some designers added their own style to the twist by adding a bun, thick braid, or accessories to pin the hair.


Making Waves

Spring’s prettiest trend is being carried over into fall- and we’re not mad about it. This bohemian, textured look is simple and for this trend; the messier the better! No more worrying about that stray hair that won’t flatten. To get this look, stylists recommend letting braided damp hair air-dry. Yes, it’s that simple.


Leather Accessories

Last year, leather took over. From leather jeans to leather leggings, we expected nothing less than for leather hair accessories to pop up for fall. Go for a leather ponytail holder or headbands, if you’re willing to play up an edgier look.


These different and fun trends got people talking after their debut at fashion week, and people all over have been trying out the new styles. Looking for more fall hair trends from fashion week? Check out our Pinterest Board!
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Thanks to Harper’s Bazaar for the photos and trend inspiration.

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