Healthy Hair Resolutions


As the year 2013 comes to a close and a new year is here, many people take time to reflect and create goals and resolutions for the New Year. This year, make sure your promises include healthy hair resolutions. Check out our ideas below to make sure your hair is fabulous for ’14.
Find the right style for you – Just like any other part of your body; your hair type is a unique part of you and who you are. Learn to love it and stop comparing it to hairstyles that your texture won’t allow for. Instead, contact us have a professional suggest possible styling options for you.
Keep it healthy – Invest in quality products that will keep your hair looking healthy, especially if you often use straighteners, blow dryers, or curling irons that can damage strands with high temperatures. Keratin oil or deep conditioners can keep your hair shiny and moisturized.
Try something new – When is the last time you have changed your overall look of your hair? A new year means it’s time for new hair. Whether you choose to change your color, length or even texture, a new style will have you feeling refreshed and ready to take on 2014. Don’t feel bold enough for an entirely new look just yet? Making subtle changes such as adding natural colored highlights, cutting off a few inches, or getting bangs will still transform your look without completely ditching your comfort zone.
Take a few extra minutes to style in the morning – There are plenty of quick and easy styles that can be done in minutes that will make your hair look professionally styled. Your confidence will be boosted all day knowing your hair looks great.
Invest in new tools – Just because the styling tools you’re using are still turning on or technically working, it could be time to replace them. Examine your hair brush, are the bristles bent or chipped? If there are burn marks visible or a burnt smell coming from any of your heated tools, it’s time to replace them.
Plan out appointments for the year – A great way to keep your schedule on track is to plan out all 2014 appointments for your hair. Make coloring appointments every 3 months and cut appointments based on your needs and style. For any special events on your calendar in 2014 such as birthdays, weddings, or just a girls night out; make a blowout appointment for the day of at the Style Bar!

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