Hot Tools 101: Curling Wand vs. Curling Iron

Over the past few years, the curling wand has become one of the hottest tools around (see what we did there?) It has taken over the styling world and a lot of people have cobwebs surrounding their classic irons. We love the curling wand too, but lets first break down how to achieve the look you’re going for, and which tool you’d use to get there.


Curling Wand


A curling wand has no clasp, and gives you flexibility with how the curls come out depending on how you hold the iron. You can create tight curls, voluminous waves, or piecey waves. These curls turn out like loose ringlets and can be broken up with your fingers for more of a beachy vibe. When using a wand, the cord should be up as you are curling pieces away from your face. This look is best for laid-back and casual nights, when you want a messier, natural looking style.

Curling Iron


A curling iron has a clasp, and it creates tighter ringlets with more structure that appear more polished and bouncy. When using a curling iron, the cord should face down and the barrel is held closer to your face. This look works for special occasions, nights out, or whenever you want a more put together look.

Curly Blow Out


Looking to come in for a blowout and leave with curly locks? Our stylists will give you the royal treatment with a blowout and achieve luscious curls without lifting a finger (or burning one). Whether you want loose curls, tight curls, or just a little added bounce to your hair, our stylists have you covered. This is a great everyday look because it is quick, easy, and healthier for your hair. Applying hot irons on a daily basis is damaging to your hair, so using a blow dryer to achieve everyday curls is a great way to get the look while protecting your hair.

Special occasion coming up or just want a stylist’s expertise? Call us today at 203-914-1180 to book your blowout and strut out in style wearing your favorite curls.

Photo Credit: Amanda Holstein, Advice from a 20 something blog

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