How to Get the Perfect 100% Pure Boar Bristle Brush Blow Out

Have you ever had a blow out using 100% Pure Boar Bristle Brushes? It’s something special we do at The Style Bar. They are great because they distribute natural oils, polish hair, and smooth the cuticle for glossy shine. These brushes are easier to set than a Velcro rollers and they won’t pull your hair out like ceramic brushes. Here are a few tips from our stylist Tamara on how to get that perfect Boar Bristle Brush blow out.

1) Add Product First: Always use a Foundation Mist (we recommend Oribe) that is water based because it will distribute equally product that you would use after the style for a consistent look. Also use a Root lifter it’s light and adds a bit of volume – not to mention it smells amazing.
2) Always Pre – Dry: Using your fingers and use a cool setting on your blow dryer to get your hair to a point where it is 80-90% dry. For short cuts use a Mason Pearson style brush during pre – styling at the root to keep the style in place. This prep work will make all the difference in the end result!
3) Pick a Brush Size: These brushes come in three sizes, so pick your style first before selecting a brush.
SMALL: If you want the wave tighter and it will last longer, this is the size for you. It will add a little extra time so allow for that in advance!
MEDIUM: This is a universal go – to. If you had to pick one size, it would be the medium.
LARGE: For a smooth, classic look.
4) Start from the Top: This will help you section off the hair so that while you dry it, you can pin it. As you can see in the picture Tamara loves to leave multiple brushes in your hair while she works on the style. This allows the curls to set properly.


5) Pin as you Go. Stylists will keep multiple brushes in your hair while blow-drying, but you can use bobby pins or small clips instead. Twist the curl around your finger and pin to set the curl while you finish blow-drying.
6) Double Check Your Work: Make sure your hair is completely dry. Otherwise you run the risk that your style won’t last. Always double check that the curls are cool before you take out the pins or brushes. That way the styles volume is set.

Contact us today and come down to The Style Bar and see Tamara for a 100% Pure Boar Bristle Brushes blow dry. It’s an experience that you certainly won’t regret. Want to get these brushes at home? You can get them at a beauty supply store or you can order them off of Amazon. For more of our favorite products check out our Pinterest board here.


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