How your workout session at exhale benefits your hair too


With the temperature rising we are all thinking about how to get beach ready. Did you know that working out not only improves your figure but it also has amazing benefits on your hair (and skin) too?
We are excited to announce our partnership with exhale in Stamford. We’ve joined together to help all our guests Start Strong and End Beautiful. Here are some tips from The Style Bar on how your workout session at exhale benefits your hair too!

  1. Smoother Skin: “Working up a good sweat is the equivalent to a mini facial,” says Audrey Kunun, MD. Dr. Kunun says that the oil expelled from your pores while working out gets rid of trapped dirt. Just make sure to wash your face after your workout!

  2. Keeps hair from drying out: Natasha Sunshine, a celebrity stylist says that, “Intense cardio is a great way to rid the body of toxins. This has a direct impact on your sebum, an oily, conditioning substance secreted by skin glands that helps prevent hair from drying out.” Natasha says that the release of toxins “directly contributes to purer, healthier and an even more conditioning sebum.”

  3. Increases blood flow: Love yoga? Those backbends could be exactly what your hair needs. Inverting your body allows additional blood to flow (and oxygen) to your scalp. This slows down hair loss and keeps hair healthy.

  4. Reduces stress: Many of us work out to keep our stress levels down. Did you know that high levels of stress could actually lead to hair loss? Not only will your high cardio session keep thinning hair from progressing, but it will also keep you from pulling it out!

Exhale members visiting The Style Bar for the first time will receive 20% off their first service (excluding Keratin). Stop by the salon from June 2 to June 30 to see great specials and enter a raffle to win a 30-day membership at Exhale.

Call us today to make your appointment. 203. 914. 1180. Special thanks to Experience Life and Pop Sugar for the blog inspiration!

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