Other Uses for Hair Conditioner


Hair conditioner is a must in almost every woman’s beauty routine – but did you know there are several other uses for conditioner? Look no further; here are different ways to use conditioner that we’ve all been missing out on.


Washing Makeup Brushes. Add conditioner to the mix when cleaning your makeup brushes. It will not only give them a deeper clean, but it also preserves your brushes longer while making the bristles softer.

Fabric Softener. Doing laundry on a budget can be extremely expensive. Did you know that conditioner and fabric softener are almost identical? Conditioner is much thicker, less expensive and smells better than regular fabric softener.


Shaving Cream. Again, conditioner is cheaper than shaving cream. It’s also soft and more effective when shaving your legs.

Hand Cream. Spending money on lotions and creams to soften your hands can be costly. Dab a small amount of conditioner onto your hands and rub in for smooth and soft skin.


Removes Makeup. Conditioner can easily remove makeup just like any expensive makeup remover. Just add to a cotton ball and make sure to rinse your face after!

Band-Aid Removal. Everyone hates taking off Band-Aids. Rub some conditioner around the Band-Aid and pull off painlessly.


Stuck Jewelry. Is your ring stuck? Add some conditioner around the accessory and it will slide right off.

Leather Protector. Don’t use too much, but coat any leather products, from shoes to coats, with a small amount of conditioner. This makes your leather accessories water-resistant.

Hair conditioner has many uses that not many people know about. Try swapping out your old products and use conditioner in their place. Tell us your favorite use for hair conditioner via Twitter at @stylebarct!

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