Our Favorite Looks to Rock on 4th of July

The 4th of July is one of the best holidays of the year. We get to dress up, hang out with friends and family, and celebrate an exciting time with lots of food and fireworks! What could be more fun to start July?
We love incorporating the red, white, and blue theme into our hair and makeup. Check out some of our favorite patriotic looks you could rock this 4th of July.

Hair Ideas:
Hair chalk: A fun and temporary way to add some color to your hair – rock the red and blue dip dye or some colorful streaks.


Ribbon: This is a popular way to add pops of color and texture in your hair. Just weave a piece of ribbon through your braid or use the ribbon as a headband or bow.


Bows: We love bows and they are an easy way to add some girly, holiday spirit into your look. Bows are great because they work with however you wear your hair.


Makeup Ideas:
Red lips, sparkly eyeshadow, and highlighter:

There’s no better time for red lips than 4th of July. For eyeshadow, if you’re confident enough to rock blue shades, go for it! But for those who want a more natural color for their eyes, go for bronze gold tones. To finish off your makeup, add some illuminating highlighter.


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