Pixie Styles

The Pixie haircut dates back all the way to the iconic, Twiggy, but the way it’s styled is constantly changing and following trends. The Pixie is so easy and low maintenance, but it can be a huge change for women who have had medium or longer length hair their entire lives. If you’re looking for a change, we say go for it.
Check out a few of our favorite different styles to try that still fall under The Pixie category:

Faux Hawk


The faux hawk is not just for the guys out there. This edgy style is the perfect balance of masculine and feminine and only requires running your fingers through the top with your favorite product, and you’re out the door!

Shaggy Style


The longer, shaggy style pixie is perfect for those who want to ease into the pixie, or just prefer to not go as short as the other styles. The texture and layers brings out lots of dimension and color, but can be a bit trickier to style to get the ideal messy look.

Shaved Side


The shaved style is only for the ones brave enough to go for it! The drama of the shaved short side is evened out by the longer and flowy hair opposite of the part. This is one of the easiest pixies to style, just blowout one side! However, more trips for a trim to keep your look polished is necessary.

Layered with Side Bangs


This style is perfect for women with thick hair who can up the volume in the back and keep a sleek side bang in the front. Light pastel highlights gave this look even more dimension, but can serve as one of the most classic styles with naturally colored hair as well.

Chic Messy Top


The chic messy top look is so feminine and can be worn during a casual weekday or evening formal event. Though the sides are not shaved, they must be maintained short to show the intended difference of length from sides to top!

There are tons of pixie styles to rock, check out our Pinterest Board for more inspiration, and choose your favorite to pull up on your smartphone at The Style Bar and let us do our magic! Schedule your appointment today: 203.914.1180.

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