Show AND Tell with our Stylists

Everyday, our clients come into our salon with a photo of a celebrity (Jennifer Aniston, you are literally a hair icon) saying, “I want this.” Woah, let’s back it up. In order for our stylists to know exactly what you want, it’s crucial break it down a bit more.

What is it exactly that you like about the photo you’ve brought in and want to achieve with your look? Take the image below for example – a client sees this and thinks, “Wow, she looks awesome and confident, I want to look like that!” A Style Bar stylists see this as, volume on the top, blonde highlights, brunette lowlights, textured waves, sweeping layers, and an uneven middle part.


Feeling overwhelmed and wish you could speak stylist? No worries, focus on three aspects: Color, Cut, and Texture/Style.

Color: This is an easy one since it is so visual. Communicate with your stylist while comparing to your image. However if you are making alterations to the color make sure you have another photo for comparison that is too light/dark/vibrant for what you’re looking for. For example, “I would like it a bit lighter than photo A, but photo B is too light.”

Cut: Did you overlook certain aspects of the image? Check for things like bangs, layers, angles instead of just the overall length of the hair. If you want them, great. If not, explaining you actually don’t want blunt bangs mid scissor slice could be an issue.

Texture/Style: Most celebs have their hair styled to perfection, but remember it all starts with their natural hair type. If you have very thin, straight hair – a voluminous, wavy look may not come out exactly as you expect. Our stylists are extremely talented, yes, but can only work with the hair that already exists on your head.

Follow these tips to ensure you strut out of the salon with EXACTLY what you came in for!

What celeb has the hair you’ve been crushing on lately? Bring up our Pinterest Board on your smartphone when you come into the salon to show us your inspiration. Make an appointment today! 203.914.1180

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