Style Bar’s Tips on How to Manage Frizzy Hair


Whether your hair is straight or curly, as spring approaches frizzy hair will start to become an issue for many of us. There is no need to fear! The Style Bar has some great tips on how to tame frizz. Here are some of our best-kept secrets.

1. Beware of hair drying products
The oil that is naturally found in your scalp is the best cure for a frizzy hair dilemma. Read your hair product labels carefully. Shampoos contain surfactants, who’s main goal is to clean your hair. Look for a paraben and sodium chloride – free product line to care for your hair. At the Style Bar we use Oribe hair products in conjunction with finishing sprays.

2. Allow your hair to air dry before styling
Whether or not you blow dry or air dry your hair, make sure you do not towel dry before styling. Towel drying can cause unnecessary static that is sure to lead to a frizz fest. For our curly haired friends, use a diffuser or let your hair dry naturally using an ultra absorbent cloth. It will keep your day frizz free.

3. Manage your dead ends
Frizz feeds from damaged hair, so make sure you are maintaining your style with a routine of bi-monthly haircuts.

4. Deep condition your hair whenever you can
We’ve created a Pinterest archive of DIY home conditioning treatments that you can make out of items from your local grocery store. Whether you are watching TV, or relaxing in the bathtub, take that extra time and give your hair the deep conditioning it needs to keep frizz at bay.

5. Hands off
Now this may seem like a no brainer, but its actually one of our best tips. We all have a tendency to keep our hands in our hair. You may tuck it behind your ears of move it out of your face, but the more you put you hands in your hair the dirtier it gets. To keep yourself from needing to wash your hair daily keep your hands off.

For more tips and products to reduce frizzy hair, check out our Pinterest board or contact us and make an appointment today!

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