Style Tips for Curly Hair


Ok ladies. We get it. A lot of us have naturally curly or wavy hair and spend lots of time (and money) straightening it. We love the feel of a great blow out, but have you ever thought of embracing that natural curl? With warm weather and beach days ahead, a little curl can go a long way. Here are a few tips on how to embrace those gorgeous natural curls.

  1. Dont be afraid of an updo – We know that putting a comb to curly hair and sometimes even using your hands can cause unwanted frizz. Don’t let this scare you off from trying a high bun or a ponytail for your curls.

  2. Understand what type of curl you have – Hair Spray and High Heels says “If you have a strong curl nothing but a good blowout is going to give you smooth, luxurious waves. If you have what I like to call a “lazy curl” (aka wavy hair) no amount of product is going to give you Shirley Temple ringlets.” Identify the type of hair you have and ask your Style Bar stylist for the best ways to style.

  3. Give yourself the right hair cut – Not all hair cuts are created equal. Pick a cut that allows you to show off the texture and style of your hair. Cuts that require precision are never a good idea for curls. Try a long bob or any style that gives you a chance to have those curls frame your face.

  4. Maximize shower time – One of our favorite tips that our clients use at home is actually styling their hair while still in the shower. Try washing and brushing your hair in the shower, then with the water still running, flip your head over and let the water run root to tip. The use your hands to scrunch out the extra water. You can then add product, style and go about your day.

  5. Air is your best friend – Our most important tip is to air dry your curls whenever possible. It will prevent frizz all day long. As your hair drys flip your head over and use your hands to scrunch it few times. It will speed up the drying process and make sure that excess product gets worked into your hair.

Looking for more curly hair tips? Check out our Pinterest board. To get a consultation on how to best manage your curls, call us today at 203. 914. 1180!

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