Summer Trend Watch: Unexpected Styles

This season, we’ve already seen lots of unexpected styles, from brighter hues with pastel hair, an obvious obsession over the lob cut, and lots of braids. As summer goes on new trends keep popping up – and frankly, we’re loving it. We are ready to take on July with these five trendy ways to style your hair.

Visible Pins
We have spent hours trying to figure out how to hide the endless bobby pins that frustrate the heck out of us when styling our hair. When we saw the trend that embraces the imperfect look of a bobby pin, you could say we were excited. Not only is this a major time saver (forget about having to re-do your up-do because the pins were showing) but it also is an inexpensive way to add accessories to your look.


Long Bangs
If you’re into the grungy, messy look that comes with long bangs and don’t mind the struggle of hair in your eyes, go for this trendy haircut! It’s sleek and sophisticated.


Messy Parts
Anything that saves time is and energy is a must. This includes messy parts. Don’t waste time perfecting your part because this season people are embracing the look of uneven and imperfect parts.


Combed Back
Last summer, we saw the slicked back hairstyle takeover (you couldn’t have forgotten Kim Kardashian’s go to hairstyle). This summer, the trend is still focused on the slicked back look, but forget about all the gel used to achieve it. Instead of using so much hair product, get this put-together look by combing back your hair and setting with hairspray.


Surprise Braids
Braids always pop up around summertime because of the beachy, laid-back feel. So change up the simple braid look by adding braids of all sizes in surprising places- under your ponytail, around your bun, or wherever you want to add some texture.


Looking to try out some of these trends and want a stylist to master the look? Call today for an appointment.

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Thanks to People Style Watch for the trend inspiration and photos.

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