The “No – Poo” Movement


Many women are trying (and loving) the “no-poo” movement. No-poo? You heard us right. No Shampoo. Tons of women are talking about their success with ditching their shampoo on blogs across the internet, and some claim that their hair feels healthier than ever.
Considering joining in on the “no poo” movement? Here are some points to consider:
1. Americans do it more – “Procter & Gamble reports that people in the United States shampoo their hair between four and five times a week, on average, twice as much as people in Italy and Spain. Australians seem open to lathering up less, too” ( Before ditching the shampoo all together, let’s just try to cut back first, at the Style Bar we recommend skipping a day or 2 in between washes. To hold yourself over for the days in between, sprinkle baby powder or dry shampoo into your roots to absorb oils.
2. Every scalp is different – Just like your hair texture and color are different from everyone else’s, your scalp is one of a kind as well. Nicole Rogers, MD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Tulane University, explains, “For the average person with healthy, untreated hair, there is no evidence that the simple act of shampooing, so long as it is with the appropriate ingredients for your hair, will cause damage.”
3. Popular claims have no scientific truth – Many women are claiming that once they stop shampooing their hair, it becomes less greasy than when they would shampoo on a daily basis. Dr. Rogers is just not buying that. She says “that’s sort of like saying ‘If you shave your legs less often, the hair will go slower;’ there is no scientific basis for these statements.”
4. Using natural remedies – part of the movement still includes washing your hair with natural products such as apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and more. See our Pinterest board here for more ideas on natural products.
5. Avoid parabens – Parabens can be found in thousands of personal care products because of its approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Whether you stick to shampoo or not, “avoid formulas that contain methyl-, propyl-, butyl-, ethyl-, or isobutylparaben, and opting for natural or organic products, instead.”

What do you think? Many women claim that abandoning their shampoo has been a great decision for the health of their hair, while science disagrees with the connection. Would you try the no poo movement?

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