Tips& Tricks: How to Hide Roots Between Touch Ups

The time between roots touch ups can be annoying. You don’t want them to be noticeable for everyone. Here at Style Bar, we’ve come up with some tips and tricks on how to hide your roots between touch ups.


Change your Part. If you’re wearing your hair down, roots are much more noticeable. Changing your part is the quickest and simplest fix to hide those dark roots.


Headband. Accessories can be a good cover up for roots. Adding a hair band to your hairstyle is easy and draws attention away from the roots and to the accessory.


Hats. Speaking of accessories, hats are a fashionable way of hiding roots. It will also protect your hair from more damage, preserving color longer.


Add Volume. Giving your hair volume is great way to hide roots. Flat hair will draw attention to grays and roots, so add texture to your hair. Also, take advantage of bed head, too because, perfectly styled hair will only emphasize the need for a touch up.


Braid it Back. Braids show the variety of color in your hair. So adding them to your hairstyle will only help conceal your roots by adding different colors and creating shadows.
Try some of these tips and tricks between your appointments and visit our Board for style ideas. Need someone to touch your roots up? Call us!

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