Trend Watch: Pastel Hair

Summer’s a time for experimenting with your hair: whether that’s going blonder or showing off a new cut, we always see new styles popping up. Let’s talk about color. Have you seen the recent fad with pastel hair? Love it or hate it, it’s happening. Since earlier this year, we have seen new celebs rocking a bright color in more ways than one.

Dip Dye
If you are looking for a bright color in small doses, than the dip dye technique is perfect for you. This style is easy to try with different colors and lengths because it is versatile and flexible. Whether you want your whole head dip dyed like Kylie Jenner or a few pieces like Kate Bosworth, this trend is a great way to transition into bright color.


Are you worried about going too bright, but still want to add a bit of color to your locks? If so, fading hues are a great way to lightly add some color into your hair. Kate Hudson rocks the faded pink look.


Two Toned
If you’re super excited to try out this color trend but can’t decide on a color, don’t worry: we’ve got you covered with this two toned look. Kesha never bores us with her over the top and exciting hair styles and this includes color with her mixture between pink and blue pastels.


Full Color
Do you want an exciting and bold change? Try a full color. This fun style will instantly brighten you up so you’re ready to take on summer with a fresh, trendy look. Jourdan Dunn shows off her color infused style.


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