Trend Watch: Warm Fall Colors

As fall approaches it is the perfect time for those daring enough to change up their hair color. Between the choices to darken up, embrace fall hues, or even go blonder, a trip to the salon is definitely on the to-do list as summer winds down. See the color styles that are trending as a new season approaches:

Although the bronde trend has been around forever, it picked up popularity towards the end of summer. Blake Lively promoted the hashtag #BrondevsBlonde through her instagram may have had something to do with it. If you’re not ready to let go of your light hair, but still want some darker undertones, then the bronde color trend is for you. This is a perfect combination of blonde and brunette and looks great in the fall as the darker toned outfits come out from the back of our closets.


Ombre or Sombre
If you like the two toned look, but want something that fades more gradually into another color, this color style is for you. Ombre embraces a brighter fade, such as brown to blonde. Sombre (subtle ombre) embraces a lighter color fade, like blonde to lighter blonde. Both styles look great on any hair color, it just depends on how bright and noticeable you want the fade.


The Fade
If you like the gradient effect hair colorists use, but you don’t want to have multiple colors in your hair, try a fade. With a fading technique, colorists stay true to one color, but they use different tones of that color to achieve this unique look. The fade style can fade out towards your ends or in towards your roots- it’s totally up to you!


Full Color
Are you looking for something different to start of the new school year? A lot of us are ready for a change after summer- whether you want to get rid of the bright blonde color or just embrace fall hues, this is the perfect time to rock an entirely new color. The most popular shades for fall include ashy browns, auburns, and variations of bronde.


Looking for more inspiration on how to color your hair for fall? Check out our Pinterest Board!

As summer winds down and the season changes, change up your hair color for a new autumn look. Call us today at 203-914-1180 to make your appointment.

Thanks to Daily Makeover for the photos.

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