Upgrade your Favorite Childhood Styles

Looking back at your childhood photos, you may notice a repeat of the same hairstyles full of barrettes and french braids. These styles are a staple of our childhood because they were quick, cute and easy. So, why ditch them? A few tweaks to mature your look can cure your childhood nostalgia and allow you to rock those classic looks as an adult.



Keeping those pesky baby hairs out of your face was an easy fix with a simple barrette as a child. Adding these to your hair now can add style with purpose. Go for a beachy look with barrettes themed from the sea, or a button style to sweep short hair away from your face.

French Braids


French braids can take on a much more mature style by adding a touch of flare. Try dutch braids for a more detailed look, an underneath braid to hold your top bun tight, or the classic french braid but done loosely, for a relaxed boho look.



For a special occasion, adding a bow to a child’s hair means it’s time to be fancy and formal! Though as adults, formal calls for a refined and a well polished look. Add bows into your casual weekday styles by incorporating a bandana, a simple bow with a half up style, or forget the accessory all together and actually turn your hair into a bow!

Pig Tails


You may be thinking pigtails is a style that should remain in the childhood years, never to surface again as an adult. But these styles had us thinking we may just need to bring it back! Pairing the look with hats, headband accessories, and fishtails give pigtails a new name. We also love the “no part” style with clear elastics.

Next time you are feeling that childhood nostalgia, don’t be afraid to stick to the classic tried-and-true styles with a mature twist! Need more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest Board here!

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