Vacation Hair Essentials

Getting ready for that much needed spring vacation? Whether you’re spending your spring break on a beach or in the city, we have the perfect hairstyle inspirations for you. Before you pack your bags it’s important to pack smart to keep your hair looking great. Making sure you have the right hair essentials when you leave can make it even easier to be on vacation.
For Your Carry On:

Volumizing Spray – After you’ve been in the car or on a plane for hours, it’s likely your hair will become a little flat. By keeping a small, travel-sized bottle in your bag for easy access, you can be sure your hair does not have jet lag!
An Extra Hair Tie – You never know when one can break! If you’re someone who likes to wear their hair up for extra comfort during a long trip, carrying an extra hair tie in your bag or even your wrist can save you.
A Few Bobby Pins – Because why not? They are so tiny and can be stored essentially anywhere. Pin back any fly-aways or unruly strands during your long travels.

For Your Suitcase:

  1. The Right Tools – You may not have plenty of room for your bulky tools in your suitcase especially if you are flying to your destination. Plan your hairstyles for the week and leave some tools you don’t need behind. For example, if you are traveling with a friend and use most of the same tools, share them! Also check with your hotel if they provide a hairdryer before you bring yours.
  2. Voltage Adapter & Outlet Converter (if traveling out of the country): If you are traveling to Europe or another foreign country, these are essential. Without an outlet converter, your tools will not fit into their outlets and they will be useless.
  3. Small Bottles of all your Favorite Products – Instead of packing full size bottles of products, purchasing reusable small plastic containers ahead of time to transfer your products into will save you a lot of room. No need to leave your favorites at home as long as you bring just the right amount for the length of your travels.

If you’re traveling to…

The Beach:


This Bohemian inspired low side swept braid paired with a headband is a perfect look for heading to the beach with friends, or enjoying the shopping on the boardwalk. Since the ocean breeze can be windy and make hair sticky, this style is perfect for keeping your hair under control while still looking stylish. Even after taking a quick dip in the ocean, this style can easily be redone without products or tools. For more beach hair styles click here.
Source: Style Motivation

The City:


If you plan to take on a city and check out a museum, or just roam the city streets, a half up half down hairstyle with loose waves and volume at the crown is perfect. This style can be worn on mostly all hair lengths and textures. Since you’ll be doing plenty of walking around, the half up part of the style will keep hair out of your face while the half down portion still shows off your beautiful locks to everyone.

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