Wintertime Dry Hair Cures


New England temperatures have been relentlessly cold lately, and whether you spend most of your time inside or outside, the dry winter air is taking a toll on your hair. Unwanted dry, brittle split ends may be making an appearance at your ends that can affect the overall look and health of your hair. Get ahead of the winter weather and follow our steps to ensure healthy hair during this frigid season!
1. Deep condition – this should really be a year-round routine, but during the winter months it is essential. You can find almost every brand of hair products making deep conditioner, so finding an inexpensive bottle that will revamp your hair is easy. Choose to deep condition daily, weekly or monthly to achieve healthier looking hair.
2. Use a humidifier in your home – this may sound a bit extreme, but it is definitely effective. The more humidity your hair is exposed to, the less damage it will face. If you wake up with a dry throat or nose, using humidifier in your home can help with that as well. Humidifiers now come in all shapes and sizes, like this one that can fit on your desk and only uses a standard sized water bottle to shoot out moisture!
3. Keep it Covered Outside – the less exposure to wintry cold air, the more moisture your hair can lock in. For shorter styles, wear a hat when going outside to protect it. For longer styles, add a scarf and keep your hair tucked in. Added Bonus: You’ll be a lot warmer outside than if you didn’t have a scarf or a hat! Don’t forget to stop the static – once your take your hair out of that winter hat, there may be some undesirable static. Rub lotion through your hands until it’s almost absorbed into your skin. Next, smooth your palms over the static pieces to calm them down. Be sure that there is no visible lotion on your palms before stroking your hair or there will be a product overload, yick!
4. Use products that reverse or prevent damage – Search the hair care aisle for products that match your needs such as keeping your hair frizz free or your color looking vibrant. One of our favorites is Pureology Colour Stylist AntiSplit BlowDry Styling Cream which contains olive oil to protect strands from your heated styling tools.
For more of our favorite products to keep your hair looking healthier than ever this winter, see our Pinterest Board here! Stay warm!

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